MVPs proving that you can do with a limited budget

If you want to know how to develop software with a limited budget, look through this article.

Making the most of the limited budget

The very idea of a minimum viable product of MVP for short has proven its great efficiency. It’s very tempting to realize that you can exclude a slew of unnecessary features to focus on core ones and reduce costs. After all, your product shouldn’t be overloaded with features an average user doesn’t require.

These examples of MVP will show you that a tight budget isn’t a problem for a custom software development company.


Established in 2008, Airbnb made a fantastic revolution in the hotel industry. The startup turned out to be a worthy alternative to traditional hotels. The company boasts up to 12,700 staff members and $2m in revenue.

In 2007, the co-founders Joe Gebbia and Brian Chesky resided in San Francisco and had no money to pay bills and rent an apartment. They were lucky that the Industrial Design Society of America Conference was scheduled to be held in their city.

Local hotels failed to accommodate everybody willing to attend the event. So, these guys decided to act immediately. They purchased some air mattresses for their apartment, photographed them and made a simple web page dubbed AirBed&Breakfast. It was a typical MVP and it brought great outcomes.


The given company delivers its services to over 60 countries. What’s more, it employs up to 22,000 people around the globe. The very term “uber” stands for aggregation. It’s utilized to easily convey fresh product ideas built around this feature.

The startup showed up in 2009. Created by Travis Kalanick and Garrett Camp, the service was based on a fairly simple mobile interface. They managed to resolve the issue of finding a cab in the high traffic load. What’s more, they created a good alternative to costly car services. As in the previous case, the creators didn’t require big money to get started. You can also follow their example. You can use Ruby on Rails for this purpose.

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