How to care after your puppy poodle?

A puppy poodle requires a lot of care and pampering on your side, but it’s not something you’ll hate. It’s fun and it’ll give you a lot of pleasant moments when you spend time together with your favorite dog. 

Here’s a couple of tips that will help you give your poodle the needed love and attention. 

What to do? 

First, make sure that you have all the needed supplies on hand, including the walking gear, ID, bowls, dog bed. Whenever you get your poodle puppy, go to the store and purchase all of them together.

Second, make sure that you understand how to groom your pet and what kind of appliances you need for this. 

Third, start doing exercises from day 1. It’s important for your poodle to keep active at all times so that you can assure that the dog is in good health at all times.

Fourth, you need to feed your puppy with the same kind of food during the first several years since quick changes in foods will result in descriptions for their stomach and possibly hyperglycemia.