All Roads Lead, Home Is a Motivational Song from Hobbs and Shaw

All roads lead home is a song by Ohana Bam and was officially released on 14v June 2018 and the official video of this song is developed and produced by OHANA, Inc. and as of now, the song has been viewed by 430k people.  ‘All roads lead home’ got a push recently when this song was featured in one of high grossing movie series’ spinoff movie ‘Hobbs and Shaw’, after being featured in such a famous and successfully performing movie, Ohana’s song fascinated the audience and hence his song became a hit.

What is the gist of the song and how is related to Hobbs and Shaw?   

All roads lead home, aligned perfectly with Hobbs and Shaw’s storyline, and thus it was most appropriate to incorporate this song in the movie. The song’s lyrics clearly reflect that when the world is against someone or the world is giving a person a hard time home is the only place they can turn to, and in the movies as everything for Hobbs and Shaw go left, Family is what they return to for help and for the best time.

If one considers himself or herself in trouble they must try listening to this song maybe they can get family’s help and support to listen just search all roads lead home hobbs and shaw mp3 download.

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