How to Add Power to Your Facebook

Ads In this era of social media advertising, every marketer would agree that Facebook advertisement is the most powerful tool to reach any goal on the platform. The success ratio may differ, but every page manager uses the FB ad feature to send their message across. If you are a Facebook advertiser, you are already aware of the Basic Ad Manager.

However, there is another ad editing tool on Facebook, popularly known as Power Editor. It’s a more advanced editor that allows you to create, administer and handle a number of ad variations in an easier and faster way.

More than 35% of all Facebook advertisers complain that their ads did not perform the way they expected. However, in most of these cases, it’s invariably seen that the advertisers haven’t use Power Editor. Many beginner page managers think that Power Editor is way too complicated for them. But that’s not true. It does have a couple of advanced features that may appear complex initially but it allows you to manage your ads better and more cost-effectively.

Here are 5 reasons that you should switch to Power Editor:

Better ad placement:
Unlike the basic ad manager, the power editor allows you to select the ad placement. With the basic tool, you have no control over ad positioning. However, you can select your preferred position for the ad with the advanced editor. Any skilled advertiser would vouch for split testing the ads to settle on the best placement to get the optimum return.

Mobile targeting:

Mobile targeting is another ad placement feature of Power Editor that can make your work a lot smoother. You can target Android or iOS users and on the iOS front you can target iPhone, iPod or iPad users, depending on your target audience.

Bulk ad creation:

Creating a single ad on the basic tool is easy. However, the process is not so smooth with multiple ad campaigns. You need to create a number of ad variations with different images and taglines. But creating multiple ads at one go is a simple task on Power Editor. Simply duplicate the ads with Saved Audiences and you can get rid of setting the target again and again.

Moreover, it offers Bulk Uploading, which allows an advertiser to edit all the ad options with a few clicks.

Better image management:

Power Editor has an advanced image library, where all the images that you have used in Facebook ads previously, are stored.   This is an easier way to find past images along with the associated ad performance.

When you double click on an image, it redirects you to the associated ad campaign.

More targeted ads:

With the self-serve ad tool, you cannot create Custom Audience, Lookalike Audience and cannot target by Partner Categories. In other words, with the basic tool, your focus remains only on a specific audience.

Only experienced and sophisticated Facebook advertisers recognize how imperative the Power Editor is, when it comes to completing an ad campaign successfully. If you are a Facebook advertiser and have not tried Power Editor, give it a try. The results could be pleasantly surprising!

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