A hot story for an arts influencer to share with their community

You must have heard about the blockchain and how it’s changing the world of finance. But right now it’s creative big waves in virtually all facets, including arts. If you are an influencer or a person who’s just into arts, you must learn about Predictive Art, a new platform for arts tokenization that’s on the verge of going big.

Major bullet points

Predictive art is where you as an artist create the blockchain art, while others can bid in auctions to purchase your works.

The platform works on top of Waves blockchain, which is efficient and cheap to use. It’s environmentally conscious which you can’t say about Bitcoin and Ethereum and similar offerings.

The blockchain enables to “disintermediate” the whole process, so that everybody interacts with the blockchain, which is, in a nutshell, a piece of code. And the code can’t lie.

All information about the transactions is safely recorded in the blockchain which prevents any fraud or counterfeit. Everybody can trace the provenance of arts since all the records are openly stored for all to see, but can’t be changed by anybody.

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