Tips To Write A Perfect Summary

To write a high-quality summary, students need to start from the beginning and write an introductory paragraph containing article-specific information and general details. As summary is also a type of paper, you can begin the writing by mentioning your name followed by the title of the article you are summarising.

Beginning of the summary and word choice

When writing a summary, authors should be careful of their word-choice and choose the scientifically accurate words while avoiding wordiness and unnecessary long statements. Although the choice of words should be different, the essence and meaning of the summary should be the same as the original text.

Summaries are written for many reasons and purposes and their length depends on the purpose of writing. Moreover, the use of direct quotations should be minimized as paraphrasing should be used.

Ending of the summary

The ending should include background information, results of the hypothesis, methods used, discussion, and most importantly a proper conclusion summarising the essence of the work. All the critical details must also be contained in the conclusion of the summary.

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